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RapidTransmit’s system of digital media transfer for broadcasters is cheaper, faster, and better than any other alternative.

We deliver broadcast quality digital files to local TV stations nationally, cable companies, and national networks. Your commercials become available to stations within 1 hour or less.

Just email your order to RapidTransmit.com, then your studio supplier simply uploads the commercials to us using our file specifications. We do the rest.

Our customers demand downloads that are reliable, fast, and secure. Our site, and your commercials, are hosted on cloud servers that are directly connected to eight of the largest backbone providers in the world. You can be assured your commercials will always be available at the fastest speeds.

If you're an advertiser, agency, production studio or media buying service that needs to get spots from here to any station in any market, this is the system that will best meet your needs at prices less than you're used to paying.

Our traffic team is the best in the business. We get your spots to stations quickly, field all station phone calls and issues, and make sure your spots are delivered and confirmed.

We look forward to serving you.


Tom Snyder
RapidTransmit Broadcasting Company, Inc.
The Broadcast Delivery System
Fort Lauderdale, Florida (954) 990-0954

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